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Welcome to Maternally Wise Doula Services and Beyond.  

It is our desire to inspire, educate and encourage mothers and their partners throughout pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.   Here, we offer loving, nonjudgmental support custom tailored to your needs.  It seems in our culture we have lost sight of sisterhood and the immense support it takes to bring forth life and to raise a child.  We at Maternally Wise strive to restore this invaluable element to better the lives of women, men, babies and society as a whole. 

Know your options before you hand your body and baby over to medicine. America is experiencing a true maternity care crisis and it is only through understanding and action that we can make a change. Women need to take responsibility of their birth by choosing birth places and care providers who will offer evidenced based maternity care. It is not safe to assume that because your doctor or midwife is "nice" that they will not lead you to unnecessary interventions.  With nine out of ten women in the U.S. receiving maternity care that increases the risk of harm to them and their babies, you can assume that your hospital or care provider may be the stimulus of your future birth complication or cesarean section. This is the inconvenient truth.  Please care for yourself and your pregnancy with your eyes wide open, you and your baby are worth it!

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